Hello world!

Hello everyone. My name is Maha Shahid. Homemaker and mother two active boys. I like to read magazines, books also love cooking. Travelling and discovering new and unique destinations is also one of my hobbies. And last but definitely not the least is my new-found love for Makeup.

I think from the time we are little girls, playing with our dolls and dressing them up, we are interested and a bit curious about makeup. Growing up I was not that interested in makeup 😉 yeah I know its hard to accept but thats true. But around my college years I started to dabble in the fun world of makeup. I started slow and I am still learning. My interest in makeup was further piqued by my kid sister Noor ❤ who actually showed me the right tools and also guided me about you-tube makeup videos.

Also I took up blogging only because my best buddy Ramla who herself is a blogger and aspiring writer, coaxed me too. After that I wanted to share with  everyone whatever I have learned along the way.

So, people hope you enjoy my blog and I have lots of interesting posts lined up for you all. Do share, comment and like my blog. I shall return  the favor.

Happy reading lovely people.



6 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Hi Maha, I am truly excited about your venture in the world of blogging and very much looking forward to your posts! Thanks also for mentioning me 🙂

    All the best,
    Ramla Zareen


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