Empties Of The Month

Product empties and Favorites of the month are two posts that I enjoy writing THE most(as I am sure you guys must have gauged by now;)) I literally stalk-Err… that sounded  creepy..I know. But well, I just love watching videos or reading posts about such products. There is an innate curiosity in getting to know what the beauty Gurus use to keep themselves looking like a million dollars. And frankly, though I can not buy all that they suggest, but whatever I have purchased by following their recommendations, seldom have I been disappointed 🙂

And that is another reason for me writing down such posts. I want to impart/help whatever little knowledge I have garnered in the last couple of years to all my readers out there. Letting them know what works for me in the hope that maybe it will help somebody gain a little bit of more insight into a product out there.

So, before I bore you guys with my rambling on and on and on 😉 let’s get straight into the post. Shall we?

  1. Herbal Essences Naked Dry Shampoo

I have talked about this dry shampoo in my previous posts and I am still talking about this today. This shows my true love for this dry shampoo. It is a wonderful product for when you have to combat third day oily/greasy roots of your hair. This works wonders. It makes the scalp dry and doesn’t leave any white residue on the hair. Another bonus point is it’s fragrance. Ohhh it smells divine. Clean, citrus-y yet sweet but not coiling. Just perfect.


Another favorite empty is the NIVEA daily essentials mattifying toner. A very gentle and soothing toner. I like to use this on my T-zone as that tends to get more oily as the day progresses. I can feel my skin balancing out while using this product. This 200ml bottle of toner lasts a long time. One good thing about this product is that though it is a mattifying toner, it doesn’t dry the skin out 🙂

3. Essence all about matt! oil control makeup base

The essence all about matt! oil control make-up base is a pore refining primer. This product is pretty decent. I  used to apply this before my foundation on my T-zone and upper cheek area, and it used to make my makeup go on smoothly. My make-up looked more polished. It also mattified my face and minimised the appearance of pores. Good pocket friendly primer.

4. GLAMGLOW YOUTHMUD Tingle exfoliate treatment

I am dangerously hooked on to almost ALL the Glamglow masks. My skin loves them. The youthmud tingle exfoliate treatment is one of their best seller masks. I used this so sparingly but Alas! I still ran out of it 😦 Anyways, it’s a great mask as it not only exfoliates but smooths the skin like a baby’s butt..yes, I kid you not. I have experienced it myself. When you apply the mask, you can actually feel it tingling on problem areas. It’s a strange sensation, I can’t explain it. But what is interesting to note is while using this mask for the third time, I experienced very less tingling compared to my first time. It felt as my problem area had considerably been improved. My skin looked more fresh, smooth, youthful and clear 😀 It’s a great mask. Though the price point is high on this product. But I will be re-purchasing this one 😉


Korean skin care has taken the world by storm. So on my trip to Thailand last summer, I purchased some interesting looking skin care items to try. In my Thailand haul I also purchased this snail serum. Unfortunately everything is written in Thai language and I naturally cannot understand a word of it. Anyways I still went ahead and used this on my face albeit with a lot of reservations. But was I surprised? You bet I was! My skin felt as I had injected collagen in it. It looked more soft and supple, hydrated and nourished. I was pleasantly surprised. I felt no irritation or discomfort, rather my skin looked so well taken care of. A quick tip: if you happen to go to Thailand, do check out their 7elevens, these stores carry a lot of sheet masks and snail serums. I got mine from there and it worked wonders for me.

6. ARTDECO Perfect Teint Concealer in shade 3

This is a wonderful concealer for covering dark circles under the eyes. It is not thick or heavy, rather light weight in texture. It has a slight salmon tinge to it, that helps in covering the under eye circles. It has a brush applicator that helps in dispersing the product evenly under the eyes.

7. GARNIER BB Cream in the shade light

The only BB cream I have been using religiously for the last couple of months. I love the light weight formula on this. At times, when I wasn’t feeling too fancy or didn’t want to put an extra effort in using the foundation etc I would use this on my face and follow it with my usual outdoor makeup look. And it looked just great. One of my favorite BB creams out there, though I only dislike the fact that it can be a bit runny that can result in unnecessary mess at times.


Hope you liked this edition of my empties 🙂


MAHA ❤ ❤ ❤



10 thoughts on “Empties Of The Month

  1. It’s true that favourites and empties posts provide loads of useful information and as far as I am concerned they have definitely helped me a lot in improving my personal grooming and wellness techniques (plus they keep my savings account fit and slim as well, but let’s not think about that now, lolz 🙂 )

    Anyway, thanks for your latest post, face masks are a recent addition to my beauty regime and your positive feedback on the Glamglow mask has made me eager to try it out soon 🙂


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