7 beauty products

7 Beauty Products I am Loving Right Now!!!

It was difficult for me to narrow my Beauty lust list to only 7 Beauty Products I am Loving Right Now. These products are ranging from different brands such as  Garnier, Smashbox, Luscious Cosmetics, Masssarat Misbah, Anastasia Beverly Hills(ABH) and Magicosmtix.

Read on to find out which products I have been digging lately 😉


  1. MAGICOSMETIX magic orange concealer corrector 3g/0.01 oz





This is the ONLY orange corrector I use for my under eye dark circles or any other dark areas, like around my mouth and sides of my nose. This is an excellent orange corrector. Little goes a long way. I apply this with a brush and then with the help of my fingers blend it slightly. On top of this orange corrector I apply my concealer and voila, my under eyes look like I have had my full beauty sleep 😉 The texture is creamy which makes it so easy to apply and blend. Also it smells of oranges 🙂



garnier wipes

garnier wipess

My new favorites for taking off my makeup, the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Wipes are pure love. They are so soft and gentle on the skin. These hypoallergenic wipes are perfect for taking off makeup whilst cleansing and soothing the skin, at the same time. My skin feels super soft and hydrated after using these wipes. Love these ❤



 smashbox photofinish eye primer

smashbox photofinish eye primer

This 0.14 fl. oz. liq/4 ml is a silky smooth eye primer. I have been using this non stop for the last month or so. It gets tacky on application which is great as I feel the eye shadow goes on smoothly and blends like a dream. Do set the primer with a bone colored shadow as it further helps in blending the shadows properly.



luscious cosmetics lip primer

lusciuos lip primer

I have been into liquid lipsticks lately and you all know that a good liquid lip application needs lip priming. Apart from the usual scrubbing the lips and moisturising, I always apply the Luscious hydrating lip primerThis lip primer does two jobs in one go. I love this as it has made my liquid lip game pretty good. Now I can rock liquid lipsticks without any cracking or peeling, ONLY thanks to this genius 🙂



MM perfect eyeliner gold stone

MM perfect eyeliner goldstone

MM Perfect wear eyeliner goldstone

I remember swatching the Massarat Misbah Goldstone eyeliner at their official launch a year back and falling instantly in love with it. The love for this eye liner is a year old now and it is not waning any time soon 🙂 I love the color of this eyeliner so much. It is a muted dull gold that can be pulled off in both day and night times. It looks best worn on top of a black or any other colored eyeliner. The tip of the wand is perfect too, firm enough for a precise line or wing 🙂



abh contour kit

abh contour kit

You know lately I have been using only ABH CONTOUR KIT for my eye makeup? I like to build up my crease with mixing all the contour shades on a fluffy blending brush. For my lid color and brow-bone highlight, I use the matte highlighter. For my under eye setting of concealer I love using the banana shade which instantly sets and brightens my under eyes, without looking cake-y. Though I do use more shimmer for my lid from other palettes, but I use this palette for most of my eye makeup and setting of my face makeup. I love this kit because of its versatility 🙂



baby pore skin eraser

My pores seem to love this primer lately. The Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser instantly blurs the pores on first application. My makeup goes on much smoother and doesn’t look patchy or cake-y. For a drugstore brand, this primer is pretty awesome. My go to primer these days is ONLY this.


So this sums up my post for today. Let me know which products are you loving lately?


Till Next time,

MAHA ❤ ❤ ❤


19 thoughts on “7 Beauty Products I am Loving Right Now!!!

  1. I’ve never tried the maybelline primer, but I’m in love with the baby lips lip balms, the peach scented one is just amazing!


    1. Hi there. Thanks for dropping by 😀 You should give the primers a try, it’s pretty good. Baby lips lip balms are my favorites too. I love them all 💕


      1. Oh , heh , I was just wondering , because the Benefit one has some colour to it 🙂 .


      2. Yes, I have used the Benefit one and I love that too. But the Maybelline one is more pocket friendly. You know what I do? I keep the high end ones for glam nights or if I am going somewhere fancy while for everyday makeup I use a drugstore one.
        But the Baby skin I have used on both occasions and it fared pretty well 😀

        Liked by 1 person

    1. The orange corrector is the only corrector I ever use. It’s very good. It’s a bit on the pricey side BUT it lasts and lasts. It even smells of oranges 😉
      ABH Contour kit is LOVE. I use it so frequently that I have lost count. It’s so versatile. Try it is am sure you will love it 😘


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